senior pastor frank seamans & wife, Libby

Serving as Senior Pastor at Freedom Fellowship is Frank Seamans. With 27 years in fulltime ministry, Pastor Frank is passionate about leading our fellowship of believers in the "abundant" Spirit-filled Christian experience Jesus spoke of in John 10:10. After spending more than five years traveling and singing tenor with the legendary Southern Gospel group Legacy Five, Frank came back to his hometown in 2011 to serve in the Associate Pastor role under his longtime friend and mentor, Pastor O. C. Bates. With Pastor Bates' retirement at the end of 2013, Frank was officially voted in as Pastor. With his background in music, Pastor Frank is also able to serve as our Worship Leader while we're engaged in a search for the right person to fill that role, which is a valuable asset to our church family. Frank and his wife, Libby, raised five sons who are all "grown and gone" now, allowing them the freedom to give all their time and efforts to serve Freedom Fellowship. Libby partners with Frank in directing the church's services and ministries.


ph: (m) 512-294-5483

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official board

THE OFFICIAL CHURCH BOARD - Joe Wallace, Paul Jessup, David Hankins, Ramon Rivera, and Steve Pridgen,

The government of this assembly shall be vested in the Official Church Board which shall consist of the Pastor and Five (5) or more Active Members of the assembly.

Duties of the board shall be to govern the assembly according to the bylaws adopted by this assembly. The board shall address, discuss, recommend and vote by majority on all matters that affect the government and business of the assembly, and report to the church body in the Annual Business Meeting.


Trustees - Jesse Kliesing, James Graham, Dario Diaz


Debbie Hankins