Libby is wife to Pastor Frank Seamans at Freedom Fellowship church in Pearland, TX, mother of five sons, author, and retired bank executive. She and Pastor Frank make their home in Pearland TX, just South of Houston. Four of her sons, Shawn, Jason, Jeremy, and Frank Jr. live in Austin, and Jeff lives in Houston.


Libby retired in 2015 to join her husband in full-time ministry at FF, and to pursue her passion for writing. She has recently completed her first nonfiction women’s ministry book – Who Ministers to Ministers’ Wives… and Every Other Misunderstood Woman, and the first book "The Red Whisper" of a new fiction series called, "The Prayer Carriers". Her previous books include, "How Do You Know It Ain't Broke" and "The Adventures of Abendigo Bunny". 


Libby's passion is to live a life that honors God by changing lives through the love of Christ. Her driving force is to lift the person in front of her to the next level... of Life, Success, Joy...  Using all the gits, talents, and experience that God has blessed her with, she helps, mentors, and encourages others to rise above their circumstances, to fulfill their purpose, and live their dreams. 



Prior to retirement, Libby was an accomplished executive with 30+ years of extensive experience in Finance, and B2B sales and consulting. She holds a BS Degree in Management Technology. 



Kendall and Starla Bridges met in Bible College in August 1981, married in August 1982, had their first of four children in August 1983. They have two sons and two daughters, all married, beautiful and world changers. They have nine grandchildren that are the best ever! So much fun! 3 boys and 6 girls, who call them “Pops and Shoobie.” They pastor Freedom Church in Carrollton, Texas, where their mission is “helping people find freedom.” If you’re ever in the Dallas area they would love for you to visit.

Kendall and Starla authored their first book together Better Marriage Against All Odds telling their story of being married, broken, and then restored (available on Amazon). They also travel and speak at marriage conferences, date nights and weekend services to share their story as well as equip couples to have the beautiful, better marriage God intended for all of us to have.

Our desire, our goal, our purpose is to help others. Believe us, we take no personal joy from sharing our ugliest moments as a couple, but there is great joy in knowing that in some small way we have helped someone know that they are not alone. There is hope for a better marriage, and you will get through this one step, one day, and one victory at a time.


Rachel is a worshiper of Jesus Christ. She lives in Pearland, TX, with her husband Marshall and her three daughters.  Faith (15) is a senior at Robert Turner Career and College High School, she will be graduating next year with her High School Diploma and an Associate Degree in General Studies.  Jade (13) is a freshman at the same school and Pearl (12) is in Middle School.  Along with Nickey (a talented musician born blind) 


Rachel worked for 10 years in Dubai for the second largest bank in the world (HSBC) as a Regional Manager, overseeing operations over the Middle East and North African countries. She and her husband were also praise and worship leaders for the largest full gospel church in the Middle East for 21 years prior to moving to the States.  She has witnessed her church grow from 45 people to a congregation of over 8000, with 18 services every week to accommodate the various cultures and languages in the city.  


God had a new plan...she was called to be a missionary to America, to fill up it's churches. Her family heard the voice of God and said yes. 


Her story will set your heart ablaze, and her powerful voice will lift you to the heavens!  Rachel and her family's heart to reach the lost is what drives them forward. They live out Hebrews 11:8 - He went out, not knowing whither he went... a life of faith, trusting in the Lord every step of the way. 


Rachel and her daughters will be a delight and inspiration as they lead us in worship. You don't want to miss it.