service schedule

Freedom Fellowship Pearland offers several opportunities for worship and Bible Study each week. Please don't hesitate to call if you have any questions about our schedule of services.

  • sunday morning worship service / 10:30 am

    Our Sunday Morning Worship Service is the flagship worship opportunity here at Freedom Fellowship Pearland. We come together at 10:30 AM for an uplifting time of passionate praise and worship followed by an opportunity to come to the altars for intercessory prayer. Then we go to the Word of God for uncompromised preaching that is always direct from the Throne Room. We offer special services designed for the children in their own setting, as well as, nursery for the infants.

    Additional details: Freedom Fellowship is affiliated with the Independent Assemblies of God. We encourage the authentic and orderly Operation of the Gifts of the Spirit. We partake of (open) Communion together on a monthly basis (every second Sunday) and there is also a special monthly emphasis on Missions (every first Sunday). There is no specific dress code but we encourage each other to remember that we're representing Christ as His Ambassadors... therefore, we should always practice reverence and modesty, offering our best to Him. Come enjoy the Authentic Spirit-Filled Experience!

  • Pastor Frank's sunday night church chats / 5-9 pm

    Pastor Frank Seamans spends his Sunday evenings connecting with the church family by phone. The Sunday Night Church Chats came about during the COVID19 pandemic as Pastor Frank realized how critical it was for the family to stay connected... and now that we're finally putting COVID behind us, he believes these "church chats" are still very beneficial for the health of the church body. He explains: "This gives me a chance to engage on a one-to-one basis with every member of our family... we can chat for as long as we need to, and then we can pray over whatever they're going through... I didn't realize how special that would be until I started doing it during the pandemic and I just decided to continue... it takes me several weeks to work through the entire directory, but if you're a member of Freedom Fellowship Pearland, you'll get a Sunday Night call from me eventually!"

  • family night service & prayer meeting / 7 pm

    (dinner in the fellowship hall / 6 pm)

    Our midweek Family Night Service is designed to bring the family together for worship, Bible study and fellowship. We start with the Family Night Cafe' dinner at 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall hosted by one of our various ministry groups each week... this really makes for a warm and friendly atmosphere for the 7 PM Service. Then we offer worship followed by topical Adult Bible Study in the Sanctuary held by Pastor Frank Seamans at 7 PM. We also offer the Awana Bible Study Program for our Children and Youth... and a nursery for infants. Then at 8 PM, the whole family comes back together in the Sanctuary for our weekly Prayer Meeting... we're usually out the door by 8:30 PM. We urge you to consider how crucial the midweek worship opportunity is to your ability to be a good witness for Christ throughout the week... please join us!

  • "Freedom fellowship espanol" SUNday EVENING service @ 7 pm AND FRIDAY NIGHT HOME GATHERINGS

    We're thrilled to be offering our Sunday Evening "Freedom Fellowship Espanol" Service at 6 PM. This is a special outreach to the Spanish-speaking community featuring anointed worship, prayer and preaching in Spanish. Edgar Pacheco Jr. joins the Marshall Family in leading the singing and Pastors Esteban Valdez & Edgar Pacheco Sr. bring an uplifting message from the Word of God. There are also Friday Night Home Gatherings for Bible Study and fellowship (call Dina @ 956.640.6962 for info) .We welcome the Hispanic community to come and grow with us as we offer this special outreach.