"relevant hymns: VOLUME ONE"

pastor frank seamans

Pastor Frank Seamans has had the vision to do this recording project ever since he became burdened about local church worship while traveling with the Southern Gospel Music Artist Legacy Five. There were many nights after the group's concerts when people shared with him that they felt the church had forsaken them. They wept as they shared with Frank that they very seldom heard a classic hymn anymore and their church's worship had become completely contemporary. He began to pray for the opportunity to produce a project that would minister to those who love the classic hymns and challenge worship leaders to consider these songs as still relevant today!

"Relevant Hymns: Volume One" is the result of Frank's answered prayer. This is 10 of our most beloved classic hymns done in fresh arrangements that will awaken the fervor of those who cherish the old songs of the church... and perhaps reintroduce them to those who may have considered the classics to be obsolete today!

Feel free to download these songs for your own music collection at no charge!